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Person of Interest Nautilus (HD, TV-14) Finch is drawn to assist the team when a bright college student engrossed in a strange and deadly scavenger hunt is labeled the most recent Person of Interest.
NCIS: New Orleans Overdrive (HD, TV-14) Following the fatal crash of a Marine corporal and amateur race car driver, the team is tasked with investigating whether foul play is involved in the case.
Castle Reckoning (HD, TV-PG) Castle and the 12th Precinct work together in hopes of stopping serial killers Jerry Tyson and Dr. Kelly Nieman before they can claim another life.

Real Interrogations No Reason to Die (TV-14) A construction site conceals the abandoned corpse of an 18-year-old woman that is discovered by a worker and later suspected to be the result of domestic abuse.
Real Interrogations Deadly Deal (TV-14) When a veteran is fatally beaten inside his home, investigators peruse the crime scene and discover that the victim may have been killed by a drug customer.
Real Interrogations String of Lies (TV-14) Detectives hope that a 68-year-old woman's estranged husband will cooperate as they investigate the woman's mysterious disappearance.
Panic 9-1-1 I'm in the Back of a Truck (HD, TV-14) A 50-year-old man calls the police after two masked men break into his house; a female college student is kidnapped and locked in the bed of a stolen truck.
The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice Fallen Friend (TV-PG) Follow the true cases of prosecuting attorneys across the country who have helped put criminals behind bars, seeing the justice system through their eyes.

« Storm Chasers Sean Casey at the Bat (HD, TV-PG) Under the guidance of his meteorologists, Sean Casey makes yet another attempt to capture the perfect IMAX shot that he's been trying to get for years.
Storm Chasers EF-3 Strikes You're Out! (HD, TV-PG) While Reed and Tim's teams are hunting down a series of tornados in Nebraska, Reed has a close encounter when an EF-3 twister passes directly over his vehicle.
Secrets of Seal Team 6 (HD, TV-14) After 30 years of clandestine operations, viewers are given an in-depth look at classified information and the secrets behind one of America's elite forces.
Secrets of Secret Societies (HD, TV-14) Members of modern secret societies provide an insider's look at the different myths, legends and facts surrounding their organizations.
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